With MELODIE WOLF as a name, we could be led to believe
that she might be a fictional character. Even her family origins
sound like they could come from a fairy tale; her grandmother
was a music hall singer and her great-grandfather a lion-tamer.
A pure-blooded Parisian who has a soft spot for the high-times
of Paris fashion in the 80's, Mélodie was especially influenced
by the designers Alaïa, Fiorrucci, Dorothée Bis...

With a continual quest for reference material, she takes
inspiration from diverse time periods and places such as;
golden era American musical comedies, Russian ballets,
Medieval tapestries, amongst many others...
Her eccleticism and insatiable thirst for knowledge
enriches her research for future fashion collections.

Like many successful designers, Mélodie studied
at Studio Berçot, then shortly afterwards, started her
professional career at Mafia agency, Kenzo, then with
the designer, André Walker. After selling her first
collection of accessories in some of the best boutiques,
it became clear she wanted to push her creations
even further. For the 2004-2005 autumn/winter season
she designs her 1st ready-to-wear fashion collection,
presenting it during the Paris Fashion Week.
Not long after starting off her career as a fashion designer,
Mélodie realises her “calling” and focuses on knitwear;
not only on motifs but also volumes, drapery, and pleats.
Further exploring the field of knitwear, she experiments
in various genres; macramé, crochets and hand-knitting.

Constantly innovating her mastery of knitwear,
she gradually intergrates different materials with it,
like fine printed jerseys and luscious suedes.
These additions provide a harmonious marriage of
unexpected textures and volumes to her knitwear ‘palette’.
Melodie Wolf’s well-balanced collections deliver highly
stylised pieces, as well as quality feminine basics with
unexpected detail twists. An intrinsically individualistic
aesthetic coupled with innovative techniques,
the MELODIE WOLF label writes its own
fairy tale to success.